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“Love cannot remain by itself — it has no meaning. Love has to be put into action and that action is service.”

Mother Teresa

Serving The Underserved Communities

In order to empower the underserved community to recognize their health and social concerns, ServingUnderserved engages them through education. Next, resources are used to assist the disadvantaged in overcoming obstacles that negatively impact their personal health and societal difficulties.

Our Focus

Wherever we work in the world, we aim to build a resilient community by making a positive impact on the people and the environment in which they live. Our aim is to provide basic needs for all those in need-Water, food, clothes, shelter, and education.

As a science-led organization, CRK’s actions honour ethical values that respect individuals, communities, and the natural environment.

We focus on all aspects of sustainability

Social/societal responsibility

relates to our ability to enhance quality and improve access and well-being of the population. We ensure transparency and accountability when relating to all our stakeholders.

Environmental responsibility

CRK understands the impact of climate change on human health and therefore our activities are geared toward addressing challenges associated with global warming.

Economic responsibility

There is a strong correlation between poverty and its contribution to negative health outcomes. Therefore, our programs and activities aim to make significant financial and non-financial contributions to alleviate poverty, this is in line with the SDGs.

System Responsibility

We ensure inclusivity and diversity at the workplace, innovative technology that works to integrate digital roadmaps, staff well-being, and resiliency to ensure adaptability to the ever-changing trends in healthcare.

Our Plan

We support 3 main problems: food, education, health. Our project is working with troubled kids in Africa more than 5 years and we’ve achieved great successes.

Our Activities

No child in Africa should go to sleep hungry and scared- last year we saved more than 10k lives. This year we are planning to double this number.

Medical Care

Family Support


Love & Support

Home Construction

Water Supply


we support through

  • Collaborating with different health professional associations to support professional development training of all healthcare workers.
  • Medical camps- this has helped to improve access, especially in underserved/marginalized communities.
  • Youth health programs and mentorship
  • Maternal and child health support
  • Health promotion activities to raise awareness


we focus on both  financial and non-financial support activities

  • Women empowerment programs
  • Education support
  • Food donations
  • Clean water
  • Homebuilding


  • Tree planting
  • Inter-sectoral partnership
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  • Visiting the sick

Upcoming Events

25th October

Visiting Nairobi

Sign up to spend your day with orphaned kids. This will mean the whole world to them.

27th October


Handmade figures from African children. All funds will go into rebuilding school after the flood.

27th October

Charity Dinner

We’ve invited best chefs from Europe. All funds will go into African Children Health Care Program.

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