Are you familiar with the process of obtaining an accurate picture from a large number of data points?

This course demonstrates how to use statistical techniques to summarize the characteristics of a data set to draw meaningful conclusions. 


$ 100 /Course


What you'll learn

  • Calculate summary statistics from public health and biomedical data

  • Interpret written and visual presentations of statistical data

  • Evaluate and interpret results of various regression methods

  • Choose the most appropriate statistical method to answer your research question


  • Basic level of English and good quality internet connection, Desktop /Laptop/Smartphone required(Since dealing with online mode)
  • Basic Knowledge of the Pharmaceutical/ medical field


This course explores the meaning of statistics. It introduces students to some basic terms like variable, continuous variable, discrete or discontinuous variables population, sample, histogram, frequency, classes, class interval and frequency distribution; a distribution in statistical terms: mode, median, mean; measuring the spread of a distribution: range, semiinterquartile range, mean deviation, variance, standard deviation; samples and populations: probability and the normal distribution curve, distribution of t, calculating the limits of a mean; and comparing the means of two samples: null hypothesis, alternate hypothesis, differences between standard deviations, limits for standard deviation and variance. The course also examines a comparison of three or more samples: simple analysis of variance; correlation of two variables: scatter diagram, correlation coefficient, regression lines, mean centre; and chi-square test: the 2×2 contingency table. Learners are taken through planning experiments: layout of experiments, controls, precision

Who this course is for?

  • Graduate or postgraduate degree in Pharmacy or Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Graduate or postgraduate degree in Medicine
  • Graduate or postgraduate degree in Chemistry (subject) with securing at least 50% marks in aggregate

Course content

1 section • 16 lectures • 6h 34m total length


Nouran Hamza


Nouran Hamza is a clinical research professional with 10+ years of experience in the domains of clinical trials, biostatistics, and epidemiology. Since 2008 she has been competitively using R software for statistical analysis, with emphasis on aggregated categorical and big data, modeling as well as pharmaco- economic. Early in 2016, she created the first regulatory-compliant Biostatistical programming course in the Middle East. Currently, Nouran Hamza is the founder and CEO of two prestigious companies; Medical Agency for Research and Statistics (MARS) located in Egypt and acts as a research service provider to twenty countries, and Clinical Research Key (CRK-CRO) a newly established Contract Research Organization with innovative insight located in Kenya She is also a member of PSI (Promoting Statistical insight) Statistician in the pharmaceutical industry, UK, and a corporate member at ACDM (Association of clinical data management), UK


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