Improving Entrepreneurial Motivation for Health Workers

Motivation for the development of dedicated products and services that address local healthcare problems starts during the university education. Students need to be stimulated to be open to healthcare innovation and entrepreneurship. 


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Training, as an additive human resources intervention is decisive to organizational performance. Employees require constant update of formal and informal knowledge alongside positive attitudes that have been defined as necessary in motivation leading to effectiveness in performance hence workplace training is tied to achieving organizational aims and objectives.


Problems that exist in the health segment are the number of medical graduates that is not comparable with the number of job vacancies and that makes health workers need to have another skill or ability. The program that is held by CRK to equip the graduate is to provide entrepreneurship training, which is in accordance with their competence in order to open up opportunities for business either independently or collaborated. The method of this research is using the descriptive method. The data collection is done by observation, and documentation study of business growth done by all the tenants (student or alumni) after getting training doing visits and internships. The conclusion of the entrepreneurship training activities is the activity that can create new entrepreneurs who were independent in the health segment or non-medical segment both in form of goods or services.



Pharmacist, MBA in HealthCare Management

Karen Kiranka, is a trained health systems manager with an MBA in Healthcare Management from Strathmore University Business School. She has a background in Pharmacy and Public health. Karen is involved in the day-to-day operations at CRK-Clinical Research Organization and works as a lead researcher in the clinical trials, all the other market research, and training.

Karen is registered with the Pharmacy and Poisons Board and the Health Systems Management Association. She is rich with leadership skills, critical thinking, communication skills, and a great team player. She has worked with key leaders in the health industry including The Nairobi Hospital, Avenue HealthCare, and Pink Pharmaceuticals Limited.


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