With the Postgraduate Course in Pharmacoeconomics, you will specialize in the economic evaluation of drugs and medical technologies, as well as in drug policy and management at the macro, meso, and micro levels. The program places special focus on pharmaceutical policy and management.


$ 100 /Course


What you'll learn

This postgraduate course is part of the Master’s in Health Economics and Pharmacoeconomics. Its theme is oriented to the economic evaluation of medicines and medical technologies, economics, and policies of financing and management of medicines in health services

With the Postgraduate in Pharmacoeconomics you will be able to understand the basic concepts and principles that characterize economic analysis and use economic language with ease. In addition, you will learn the basic and fundamental aspects of the techniques and instruments for the economic evaluation of medicines and medical technologies through cost-effectiveness, cost-utility, and cost-benefit analysis.

To do this, you will focus on the use of statistical and econometric techniques and on economic analysis in areas as disparate as the relationship between spending and income, the behaviour of drug prescribers, the preparation of pharmacy budgets, or the study of the determinants of the effectiveness of a treatment.

Due to its focus on Pharmacoeconomics, you will carry out analyses on the justification and effectiveness of the main regulatory and financing policies for drugs in a health system. As well as knowing and applying the instruments of rational use of drugs in order to guarantee the best possible use both from the point of view of the effectiveness and efficiency of pharmacological interventions.


  • Basic level of English and good quality internet connection, Desktop /Laptop/Smartphone required(Since dealing with online mode)
  • Basic Knowledge of the Pharmaceutical/ medical field


The program is aimed both at professionals with management responsibilities and at graduates who want to acquire the necessary skills to manage hospitals, clinical laboratories, and public and private health centers; public administrations in charge of the management and/or financing of medicines and health services; private insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, training centers in drug management, and health services, etc.


Career opportunities

This program provides students with tools and resources, individual career advice, training activities, company events, and various career opportunities.

The program is designed to complement the training of professionals with management responsibilities and graduates interested in acquiring the necessary skills to take on such responsibilities in:

  • Hospitals, clinical laboratories, and public and private health centres.
  • Public bodies responsible for managing and/or funding pharmaceuticals and health services.
  • Private insurance companies.
  • Pharmaceutical companies and companies related to the distribution of pharmaceuticals.
  • Pharmaceutical and health service management training centres.
  • Consultancy and advisory firms related to the health sector, etc.

Course content

1 section • 16 lectures • 6h 34m total length


Nouran Hamza


Nouran Hamza is a clinical research professional with 10+ years of experience in the domains of clinical trials, biostatistics, and epidemiology. Since 2008 she has been competitively using R software for statistical analysis, with emphasis on aggregated categorical and big data, modeling as well as pharmaco- economic. Early in 2016, she created the first regulatory-compliant Biostatistical programming course in the Middle East. Currently, Nouran Hamza is the founder and CEO of two prestigious companies; Medical Agency for Research and Statistics (MARS) located in Egypt and acts as a research service provider to twenty countries, and Clinical Research Key (CRK-CRO) a newly established Contract Research Organization with innovative insight located in Kenya She is also a member of PSI (Promoting Statistical insight) Statistician in the pharmaceutical industry, UK, and a corporate member at ACDM (Association of clinical data management), UK


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